Trust Technique in the Netherlands

You can now also learn the Trust Technique in the Netherlands. Below and further on this site you can read and learn all about it. If you want to know more about it, please contact me. I wish you a lot of reading pleasure.

Trust is Everything between humans and animals

You would so much like your animal to understand you. You also have all kinds of ideas about it and you can explain the behavior of your animal very well, but you no longer know how to change the behavior. With the help of the Trust Technique you will succeed. The most important thing in this method is your share in the change in your animal’s behavior.

Consciously or unconsciously you share all kinds of feelings with your animal. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal: dog, cat, rabbit, donkey, horse, bear …

You translate this into all kinds of ideas that influence the behavior of your animal.

  • Your dog barks too much, because …
  • Your horse will not listen, because …
  • Your cat continues to demolish your house, because …

In reality, you are dealing with feelings such as frustration, fear, anger, guilt, despair, worry and so many more.

Feelings are created by thinking. By lowering the thinking of your animal and yourself, you become more peaceful and the behavior of and the connection with your animal changes naturally.

Trust Technique

The Trust Technique® is a simple method that teaches you to lower the thinking levels of you and your animal. By lowering your thinking level, peace and tranquility will naturally arise in the relationship with your animal. Through peace, patience and persistence you will learn how to deal with your animal in a peaceful way in any situation.

You’ve tried everything, but got no real results. I am not a trainer, although you can use this method in addition to your training. However, I will teach you a method by which you learn to remain peaceful in every situation and every training. As a result, your animal’s behavior changes.

When your animal’s behavior becomes peaceful, your bond deepens and a deep trust develops between you and your animal.

In which situation can you use the Trust Technique?

You can use the Trust Technique in any situation you can think of.

  • Such as:
    • Seperation anxiety
    • Lack of trust
    • Fear of trailers, cars, humans, animals, etc.
    • Retaining old memories
    • Not willing or able to listen
    • Death of an animal
  • Or would you like to help your animal in dealing with trauma?
  • Or have you lost a piece of trust in your animal somewhere and you want that back.
  • Or are you looking for a deeper connection with your animal?

Actually, there are no problems. A situation has arisen and you would like to resolve it.

By practicing the Trust Technique with your animal every day, even if it is only 10 minutes, you can already make a world of difference for you and your animal.

For you and your animal

Because you can standing in life peacefully through this method, you will notice that you can apply it anywhere. And only because you have found peace in your relationship with your animal.

I will explain the Trust Technique to you in a consult. I will show you in a demonstration with your animal how to apply the Trust Technique. Then I guide you how you can start using the Trust Technique together with your animal.

After this you can start working on a peaceful relationship with your animal. In full confidence.