The way in which Nicoline introduces you to the Trust Technique is very pleasant. Before you actually get started with your horse, you first get some theory. This gives you a broader view of the Trust Technique and you can place the exercises with your horse better. I was very curious about the practical part. It is often quite busy in my head and I was really wondering if I could manage not to let my thoughts go in all directions during the exercises. With a number of small exercises, Nicoline showed that even I could do it and that it is actually very easy. I now also use those small exercises when I am not with my horse and I notice that my thoughts are going in all directions. But the most beautiful of all was the practical part with my horse Immy. I managed to tune in to her and we really had some really nice moments of peace and connection. What was that very special !!! So especially for anyone who is busy in his head and is unsure whether this method is for you: make an appointment with Nicoline and experience how beautiful and easy the Trust Technique is. The online course is at the top of my wish list because of my lesson with Nicoline.”
Joyce Matthijssen

Elza van Alice Verholt

Last year Nicoline did a number of Trust Technique sessions with Elza and me. I had already seen a number of videos on Facebook about the Trust Technique of James French. When Nicoline asked if she could practice with Elza I immediately said yes and I am still happy with it. The first session immediately brought a lot of tension to Elza and I saw her gradually deepening into the relaxation. In that whole I started to relax more and more. In the following sessions we both went into relaxation more and more quickly, which made working together more and more smooth. Now when I notice that Elza is a bit tense, I invite her to be in the here and now together and let go of everything together. In the meantime I hear more and more horses around us in the stable where Elza is participating. I can only say, invite Nicoline to a session and experience what it can do to your horse / pony. Highly recommended.”
Alice Verholt and Haflinger mare Elza, 18 years old


In October 2019 I received a request from Nicoline to practice with Aidan. Very gladly. Aidan occasionally got on my nerves with his barking. Aidan guards his property like a true shepherd, even when it is not necessary. He had to keep an eye on everything for himself. Whether we said it was unnecessary or not, it didn’t matter. In the first session Aidan found it difficult to let go of the outside world. I could feel that he was very busy in his head. At the end of the session it became completely quiet. He then slept for hours. In the subsequent sessions, Aidan was increasingly able to shut out the outside world and became increasingly independent. Because Nicoline did the Trust Technique with him, he has changed positively in many ways.”
Alice Verholt and White Shepherd Aidan, 4 years old

I received a card from a client:

Hi Nicoline, it’s been a while since you’ve been with us for the Trust training. Beau (and me) is doing very well. Beau no longer lashes out at other dogs, but only barks every now and then. I also think she has become a lot calmer. So with this, I want to thank you again.
Love and light, Fie and Beau


For out adopted dog “with a past” we have had guidance from Nicoline Kurk in recent days. A while ago I read about the Trust method through Madison King, and how it fits in nicely with EEM. Nicoline has guided our dog (and us) so nicely to experience more peace and tranquility, to leave the old behind and to see the new possibilities. We are all very grateful, it feels like an enormous liberation, from which we can all take new steps.
Jorine Janssen and Tara