What is the Trust Technique

The Trust Technique recognizes that people and animals share feelings. You react to your animal, your animal reacts to you and this creates an interaction in reactions. If you can be the one who creates a peaceful feeling, how do you think your relationship with your animal will be?

The Trust Technique is based on the theory that deepening the bond between people and animals can transform the lives of both. It uses mindfulness and focused presence techniques as a basis for resolving problems and enhancing communication.

Daily practice of the Trust Technique creates a shared peace of mind and reduces anxious over-thinking, one of the main causes for so-called “behavioural problems”. This dynamic approach does not objectify animals, but rather recognises all animals as sentient beings and transcends an unhealthy approach of dominance or control. Promoting trusted cooperation, which leads to healing and communication that manifests in shared well-being.

Trust is Everything

Through this method you learn to become aware of the reactions of your animal in difficult situations. By observing your animal closely, you indicate that you are listening to your animal. It creates trust and connection when your animal gets the feeling that it is being listened to. This is where the foundation of a trusted relationship with your animal is created.

The Trust Technique was developed by James French and Shelley Slingo. Together they have the dream to help people and animals find peace and connection in their relationship.

The Trust Technique helps all animals with a gentle profound non-dominant approach.

You can already get to know this method yourself via the Messages of Trust. You can view the first Message for free and with a very small contribution you have access to the all Messages.

Today you can start with the Trust Technique video course. This is a great way to create trust and connection for you and your animal.

Or you learn this method from me. Contact me and we will make an appointment, so that I can show you what this can do for you and your animal.