When your dog finds peace in your presence.

We have all been conditioned throughout the ages to believe things. You must be in charge of your dog. Dogs have no feelings. Somehow the dog is deliberately teasing you. This stems from the judgment of “bad” behavior that must be corrected and reprimanded. The problem here is that behavior is just the outward expression of something else happening on a deeper level and that is how your dog FEELS. The Trust Technique for dogsg recognizes that dogs have feelings,

Consciously or unconsciously you share these feelings. It will more than likely be expressed by you as one or a combination of these emotions. Frustration, anger, worry, guilt, shame, helplessness, despair, fear and the list goes on.

This creates a gap between how you really feel about your animal, the love you have for him, and the way you respond to him. It is this separation that causes the most pain in the relationship!

Your dog may be exhibiting behavior you don’t want or are concerned about. I could make a whole list here, but I would rather hear from you what behavior you see in your dog and what you would like to see.

When your dog finds peace in your presence, I can guarantee that your relationship will be very different.

The Trust Technique for dogs is a method to gain trust in your dog and your dog in you.

The Trust Technique for dogs is a method of lowering your and your dog’s thinking levels, naturally creating trust, connection, communication and understanding between you and your dog.

Would you like to learn the Trust Technique together with your dog, make an appointment with me. A session lasts about an hour and a half and is at your home. It is most pleasant for you, your dog and me to explain the Trust Technique to you in a first session at a quiet time and in a quiet environment.

I may advise you to do another session after this session. This depends on the situation you are in with your dog.
The choice is of course yours, but know that I want to be there for you as long as possible to resolve the situation between you and your dog to the satisfaction of both of you.