Nicoline Kurk

I would love to do the Trust Technique with every animal.

My name is Nicoline Kurk and in 2017 I started the video course of the Trust Technique. I did this because I liked this gentle non-dominant approach to animals. At that time there was already this wonderful, special, but traumatic horse in my life. I had looked at and tried many training methods, but found nothing I could support.

By nature I am peaceful with animals and the Trust Technique allowed me to develop that further. By means of peace, patience and by maintaining this peace and patience, the bond between my horse and me has become more understanding. We can interact with each other in peace and confidence.

Zoran and me

After the video course I wanted to know and learn more and especially to teach this method to other people and animals. So I became a Trust Technique Practitioner. This has ensured that I have been taken out of my comfortable life a lot and often, but oh what a learning process that was.

I am a fully qualified, licensed Trust Technique Practitioner
with a Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for People with their Animals.

The Trust Technique has changed my life. It was an education to become a Practitioner, but also an education in change of mind and change of life in confidence. I didn’t have to see a therapist for this. It came about naturally through the use of the Trust Technique. That is what it can do for you if you only apply the method to yourself and your animal.

I certainly haven’t stopped learning. Every consultation teaches me something new. I am allowed to pass on the Trust Technique and I wish that I may contribute to a deeper bond between humans and animals.

The beauty of the Trust Technique is that it is not one-sided. You does not receive a ready-made trained animal, but you are going to work yourself to build your connection with your animal. That is what I love about Trust Technique

I would like to teach you the Trust Technique, to find your true connection with your own animal.


In 2018 a mare came into my life. A completely different horse, with a character all of her own. She was called unreliable and unpredictable. When I first got to know her and she wasn’t part of me yet, I was warned never to get behind her.
I never noticed anything about unreliable and unpredictable. She was very insecure, anxious and shy.
That’s what can happen if you make an animal judge. After all, how are you supposed to behave when you’re told something you’re not?
Through the Trust Technique my mare has changed, she is more independent, she dares to communicate and I listen and she listens to me.
The trust between her and me is growing day by day.


To live with yourself in joy and peace you can use mindfulness. When you practice mindfulness regularly, you can transform your anger, fear and sadness and learn to deal with the problems that you may encounter on a daily basis. You learn to look at situations and life in a more peaceful way. In this way you can face the world with confidence and self-confidence.

But what about our animals? They too have anger, fear and sadness. We don’t always see it, but it is there. Animals usually express this in their behaviour, but they can, just like us, lock these feelings up completely within themselves and become closed off. And can we actually do mindfulness with them? People who have pets and practice mindfulness on themselves will find that their animals respond to it. Animals become calmer and are often completely absorbed in the tranquility of their owner. How beautiful is that?

The Trust Technique is a method that uses mindfulness techniques in which you and your animal are allowed to transform your feelings towards each other and learn to deal with the problems you may encounter with each other on a daily basis.

Relax in every moment

How wonderful is it when you can walk with your dog in a relaxed way, relax with your horse or watch your relaxed sleeping cat. How does that make you feel? That can be an intense feeling of happiness. You enjoy this moment to the fullest. Your animal is relaxed and you are relaxed. What a wonderful feeling that gives. It is very likely that if you dive all the way into this moment, you can also feel an unconditional sense of trust for your animal, at that moment. You would like to cherish this for a while, before it becomes a different feeling again, because somewhere deep inside you know that this feeling can change again.

What will it be like if you can always have this wonderful relaxed feeling of unconditional trust in your animal? The Trust Technique teaches you to create and maintain this unconditional trust when dealing with your animal, so that you can always walk with your dog in a relaxed manner, you can always deal with your horse in a relaxed way and you can always watch your relaxed sleeping cat.